Action Station Reflection

This week we focused on the Learner Dispositions of Connect and Collaborate during our Action Stations for Maths and Reading in Room 20 and 21. 
This shows our value of Community.

Reflection Questions:
How do I learn from someone else?
How has someone learnt from me?

Keisha: Greer from learnt from me how to take turns when she was in the cafe. She let other people have a go and then had a turn.

Lucas: I have been learning from myself playing a basic fact game properly. I have been learning from Myles not cheating.

Anaru: I learnt off Caleb when I am doing my basic fact game and i don't know what a plus is and then he helps me to work it out.

Katie: I have learnt from Greer to share and be kind.

Sasha:  I wokred with Madi adn Madi is teaching me new stuff. 

Robert D: I asked for help when I was stuck.

Myles:  I watched other people do menus.

Yojwan:  I worked together with Campbell.

Zubia:  I learnt form Katie how to share the menus because I wanted a menu and Katie had the most and she said I could have a turn.

Sam: I learnt from Christina that we have to take turns.

Ahron: I asked a buddy to play a basic fact game with me.

Max: If you don't know how to play a basic fact game you could ask a buddy.

Sophie: I learnt from Sophie Agnew how to be a good waitress and take turns with other people.

Madison: I have learnt from my best friend Carlos that when I play games with me we actually have to do it properly and work together as a team.

Caleb: I have learnt off Anaru because when I do my probe I can learn off him because he thinks about the number that comes before or after and I try to do it too.

Mela: I have learnt from Te Paea that we can take turns or we could do it at the same time.

Datsyn: When I was at the play dough I was working with someone.

Greer: I have learnt from Keisha how to take care of school property because if we don't we might break something and it might below to someone else.

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