Be Curious & Question

This week we focused on the Learner Dispositions of Be Curious and Question during our Action Stations for Maths and Reading in Room 20 and 21. 
This shows our value of Active Thinking.

What new "Can Dos" did you try this week?

Sophie M: I tried the supermarket instead of always being on Puppet Pals

Myles: I went to the supermarket.

Mela: I tried My Shopping List instead of painting all the time.

Keisha: I tried sketching

Lucas M: I tried painting.

Isis: I tried Puppet Pals

Why is it important to try something new?

Avia: Because you will get better at it.

Katie: Because if you do the same thing over again other people won't get a turn.

Greer: Because if you do the same thing over again , you won't know how to do other things because you don't do anything different

Sasha: Trying something new is actually being self aware.

Christina: If you only do the same activities you will never learn how to do the other things.

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