Multi Cultural Day

The children really enjoyed learning about the different cultures in our classroom. The children shared things that they had brought along to school and we talked about how the clothes we were wearing were special to our cultures.

A big thank you to Mehdi's Mum for coming and doing henna for the children. It was great to see how much effort everyone put in for our Multicultural Day.

Fun at Jellie Park

We had a great day at Jellie Park today. Although it was cut short, we had a great swim, played some fun games and had a second swim when we got back to school.

Thanks to all our parent helpers who came with us. We could not have gone without you!

Please comment below so that we can read them and talk about them in class.

 Jellie Park on PhotoPeach

Learning about our value of Community

We learned about community by connecting with others and working collaboratively.

Community on PhotoPeach

Dot Art

During the learning plan we learned about Excellence. When we show excellence we need to persevere and try our best. We watched a video called The Dot.


 We watched this video and then created a collaborative artwork as a class. At the beginning some children were hesitant of letting others draw in their circles but by the end of it all children were loving it and there were some awesome conversations happening as the children moved around the circles to paint.

 Dot Art on PhotoPeach

Collaborative Learning

We began our first Collaborative Literacy session on Friday. The children had a range of must do and can do activities to complete. Our first session was very successful and the children were all engaged with their learning. Collaborative Learning on PhotoPeach

Tree house Treaty

During the Learning Plan Room 20 and Room 21 read a story called Tree House Treaty. We used the story to learn about:

  • What to do if we have problems
  • How we need to work together
  • Including others
  • The Treaty of Waitangi
We got into groups and had to work together to build a hut in the classroom that could fit our whole group and Keto inside of.

Treehouse Treaty on PhotoPeach

Keto the Kea

Keto the Kea is the Kākano Team mascot and we spent time watching and discussing this video. 

(We started watching at 4min 40 Seconds)

We identified the attributes of keas that we could use ourselves in our learning.

We also had fun watching and singing this song.

Collaboration in the Garden

On Thursday afternoon Rooms 20 & 21 spent time in the garden helping our community by:
  • weeding, 
  • planting, 
  • gathering grass clippings for the compost
  • watering the plants
  • gathering sunflower seeds from the old sunflower heads for next season's planting
Our awesome team of gardeners worked collaboratively to get the jobs done.