Values Lesson Week 9 and 10

In Room 21 we show our C.A.R.E values when we are eating!!
2016-03-30 11.02.21.jpg

Sit down while eating.
Put your rubbish in the bin/ lunch box and put lunch box away.
2016-03-30 11.02.25.jpg

Active Thinking
Follow instructions.
Eat in the appropriate areas.
2016-03-30 11.02.57.jpg

Wait until you've finished eating before talking to others.
2016-03-30 11.03.05.jpg

Use manners.
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.47.26 pm.png
Make healthy food choices.

Our Easter egg creations

Room 21 created these fantastic Easter eggs!  They have been working really hard to make them look attractive.  They were very excited to eat the treat inside!

Saying sorry and friendships

In Room 21 this week we have been learning about saying sorry when we hurt someone, whether it was an accident or not.  Saying sorry is very important when we want to fix a problem.  We need to mean what we say and make eye contact so that the other person knows we mean it.

We have also been learning about what being a good friend means.  It means that we do not let other people feel left out, take turns doing things and being nice to others.

Here are our two mantras for the week:

Maths stations

We have been using maths stations in Room 21 over the last 3 weeks.

Our stations have activities that include learning about:

  • Basic facts (0-20)
  • Number sequence - filling in the missing numbers on a number line (0-20)
  • Practicing writing our numbers.
  • Using play dough to explore making shapes and objects.  Also making a number of objects e.g. MAKE 6 peas and put them on the plate.
These maths stations will change every now and again.

Here are some photos about what we have been doing:

School Song Te Reo version and English version

Taitapu……te wāhi nei­­­
Kō te kura Oaklands
Aue Aue
Kō mātou tamariki
E tū mai nei
Me ngā kaiako e awhi
Tō mātou ako
I ngā mea ō te Ao
Kia manawanui….nui
Taitapu .……te wāhi nei
Kō te kura Oaklands
Aue Aue
He aha te mea nui ō te Ao
He tangata,he tangata
Kō mātou …..ngā tāngata x2

( kimihia tō kaha x2 )

Taitapu is the place here
Oaklands School wow

We are the children who stand here
And the teachers that help us
Learn the things of the world
Be patient

Taitapu is the place
Oaklands School wow
What is the most important thing in the world
It is people, it is people
We are the people

Recount week 6

This week Room 21 will be writing about their experience on making popcorn.  All the students were very excited when the corn popped.  They used words like crackling, popping, exploding like a volcano,  and it tasted foamy and puffy. It also smelled like corn!  We had lots of ideas going around the circle.  I can't wait to see their writing at the end of the week! :)


Room 21 said goodbye to their last butterfly! We are very lucky to have had the change to take care of the caterpillars to help them grow into butterflies!

The swan plant will live outside and hopefully we will get more caterpillar eggs :)

Water crystals experiment

WALT: explore how water crystals work and then write a recount about it.

Room 21 had so much fun exploring the mystery of water crystals.  They wrote some great stories about their experiences. 

Here are some photos: