Literacy week

Room 21 all dressed up for literacy week.

Anti bullying week

Last week it was anti-bullying week.  Room 21 discussed things that make people a bully. A bully is someone that does mean things more than a couple of times - they always do it. We also brainstormed ideas on how we can stop bullies.  We then created "bully people" to display our ideas. We fix the bullies or people that are being bullied with plasters - the plasters represent kind things and things we can do to help others:  by doing kind things, telling an adult, letting others play with us etc. Come have a look as they are displayed on room 21's window.

A&P show

 The children had a lot of fun looking at the animals, playing on the tractors, watching motorbike races and wood chopping and soooooo much more. Enjoy this slide show about the year 2's at the A&P show. 

Science experiment

We have been learning about the scientific process by doing a "smore" experiment.

We can do this when we
* ask questions
* make a hypothesis
* do the experiment
* draw conclusions and write about them,


We are learning about the solar system.

We can do this when we can talk about the 8 planets and our sun.

Kakano Assembly

Well done Room 21 for hosting the Kakano Assembly - here is a video we shared about the water cycle.