Making and flying Kites

Today we made kites and then took them outside to see if they would fly.

At reflection we thought about what was hard and what was easy when we made them and what happened when we went outside to fly them. The children chose one of their ideas to share.

James: My kite was twirling so it wasn't flying properly.

Josie: My kite didn't fly and Te Paea was watching it.

Isis: My kite didn't fly but it was doing tricks like twirling.

Madi W: It was easy to put the string through the wee slits.

Noah: My kite just flew above my head where it needed to go.

Sophie: I found cutting the paper to make the kites easy.

Dion: My kite flew when I threw it up in the air.

Sasha:  It was easy to make the kite because it was really fun. The whole thing was easy.

Madeline: It was easy to put the drawing of the finger spaces.

Max: I think it was a bit tricky when you had to put the string through the holes in the straws. It was a bit hard to put it through the holes.

Pixie: The easy part for me was when it flew. It twirled a little.

Lucas: It was hard to fold and cellotape. It was swirling behind me not up in the air.

Mehdi: The easy part was putting the string in the straws.

Matthew: It was easy when we were putting the string through the holes.

Madison: The hardest part for me was when I had to thread the string through the straws. Sophie helped me.

Zoe: The trickiest part was threading the string and Madi W helped me with all of it because it was difficult. 

Zara: The trickiest part was making our kites and sticking the string around the straws.

Robert D: The hardest part was to put the string in through the straws.

Ahron: The cutting out was easy and writing my name was easy.

Datsyn: The tricky part was the string for me because it keep on popping out and it went on sideways.

Carlos: The easy bit was the cellotape and the straws and the hard bit was folding because I cut it too short.

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  1. What a fun and interesting Friday activity! I bet they really enjoyed it