Action Station Reflection

Today the children were asked a question to reflect on about the learning they do during the week at action stations.

How do you know you are learning?

They thought about this, they shared their ideas with a partner and then they shared with the class. Here are some of their ideas:

Max: At the action station - Basic word Bingo -  I am learning my fast words.

Isabella: We do the Must dos and can dos properly.

Sophie Agnew: I know that I am learning when I get on with the job and I know that I am learning when I have done it. 

Noah: By not copying anybody.

Greer: I know I am learning when I go to a must do and I do it and I don't talk to my friends and I do activities away from them. 

Yojwan: The signs on the table tell us if it is a must do or a can do and the right voice to use.

Zubia:When I am not with my friends I don't talk. When I am with my friends I start talking and I don't get my Must dos done and I have payback my learning time.

Sophie M: When I am at the table with alphabet cards I know I am practising my alphabet.

Madison M: When I am the drawing table I would learn how to draw better if I wasn't a very good drawer. 

Myles: We need to do the must dos.

Christina: We first do the must dos then we do the can dos.

Mela: By getting my must dos done then I get on with my can dos.

Anaru: I know when I am learning when I play the basic fact game right.

Caleb: I know when I am doing a  basic fact game you don't just put counters on the game and walk away you have to play the game properly.

Sam: When you do your numbers you don't rush them you have to write them properly.

Keisha: I know that I am learning to write numbers when I have a number card.

Madi W: I know that I am learning by don't my numbers properly.

Lucas M: Doing the basic facts game right and my probe better.

Why do we practise our fast words?

Zoe: To use them in our writing.

Anaru: So we can get them right in writing.

Isabella: So you get better at it when you are at high school.

Sam: When you do your fast words you can spell them correctly in your writing if you do them properly.

Greer: When I do my fast words I get better and better because I am practising them lots and then I know them.

Keisha: If you practise them you can learn new words to put in your writing. 

Sophie: They can help you at home if you are trying to make a card for somebody.

Caleb: If you do them a lot and the teacher asks you to send a card you will just know your fast words to right in.

Christina: We practise our fast words because if we want to write a notice to somebody we can use our fast words. 
James: They help you in your reading.

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