How our toys move

Today we brought our toys in and explored how they move. 

My toy moves its legs. 

When you push it, it rolls and it transforms. It transforms into a bird.

My ninja turtles can move its legs. I can turn them around. I am turning and twisting.

My toy moves it arms and legs. I push them and they go forwards and backwards. The face turns around.

 My toy walks forward slowly. To make it move I pull my toy's tail or push it's back.

My toy slides its legs forwards to move.

My toys tail spins. It move it legs and arms forwards and backwards. It moves its head and its wings go up and down.

I can flap my toys ears up and down.

My doll moves its arms and legs. I push it back and forwards.

I push my toy and the wheels move. It goes forwards.

I push my car and it goes forwards.

My toys wheels move. The car moves forwards.

When I pull mine and put it down it goes forwards.

I pushed it and it went fast it goes forwards and backwards. I can flip it and turn it around.

So you press the key button and it moves forwards.

We all push our toys.

We pull our toys.

We twist our toys to make them move.

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