Today we talked to Constable Ross about good secrets and bad secrets. We watched some videos and decided if they were good secrets or bad secrets.

We thought some were good secrets.we talked about how good secrets are surprises like birthday parties and they make us feel excited or happy. 

Some videos were bad secrets to keep. We talked about how to get help and who we could talk to if someone told us to keep a bad secret. Here secrets don't make us feel good.

Constable Ross tried to trick Noah. He pretended to be Dad's friend trying to get Noah to come to his car.

Lucas gave Noah some advice. He said don't do it. Noah said no and he had to ask his Mum or Dad.

Constable Ross pretended to be a stranger who needed help to find his puppy. Madi said no. Madi could not be tricked. She said we had to ask Mum or Dad first.

Zara had to wait for her Mum at the gate. A stranger stops in a car and says he is going to give Zara a ride home. 
Sophie had to give Zara some advice. Zara said no I'm going to tell my Dad. If the man keeps talking to you go back to the school and tell a teacher.

James pretended he was at the beach with Mum and Dad. Some big kids from school came over and want you to go play up in the sand hills and eat lollies. James said no. 

He was going to check with Mum or Dad or play where Mum and Dad can see me.

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  1. Very pleased to see that Noah took some great advice from Lucas.