Room 21 learning about Matariki

In Room 21 this week we will be learning about what Matariki means and do some activities to reinforce our ideas. 

What we have learnt so far:

1st we watched a video:

Then we talked about what we learnt from the video and what we already know:

  1. Matariki is one of the seven stars in the milky way.
  2. Matariki is the celebration of the Maori new year.
  3. Myths and Legends: When it first started is was to keep the taniwha away, as the taniwha would only come out in the dark. So the seven stars where put in the sky through throwing pebbles in the sky. 

Room 21 then created their own art work to celebrate Matariki and the Maori culture. 

We created hands to reach up to the stars.
This is Room 21 in action:

Our end result to come soon............

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