School Song Te Reo version and English version

Taitapu……te wāhi nei­­­
Kō te kura Oaklands
Aue Aue
Kō mātou tamariki
E tū mai nei
Me ngā kaiako e awhi
Tō mātou ako
I ngā mea ō te Ao
Kia manawanui….nui
Taitapu .……te wāhi nei
Kō te kura Oaklands
Aue Aue
He aha te mea nui ō te Ao
He tangata,he tangata
Kō mātou …..ngā tāngata x2

( kimihia tō kaha x2 )

Taitapu is the place here
Oaklands School wow

We are the children who stand here
And the teachers that help us
Learn the things of the world
Be patient

Taitapu is the place
Oaklands School wow
What is the most important thing in the world
It is people, it is people
We are the people

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  1. Thank you so much for the translation! I hope this will help the song so much more meaningful for all the students of Room 21 (and their parents!).