Reflecting on our "Must Do" Learning

Every Friday morning we spend some time reflecting on an aspect of our Literacy and Maths learning time.

Today we asked the children...

Who does the same Must Do task first every day? Why do you do that?

I choose to do a Number Bucket game first so I can just get it done.

I choose to do my Probe (Basic Facts) first because it is a really quick must do.

I choose to do letter formation first because it is my favourite.

Who chooses something different to do first every day? Why do you do that?

I choose something different each day because it would be boring to do the same thing first every day.

I choose something different  to do first each day but I am not sure why I do that.

Then we asked.....

When you choose a game from your Number Bucket, which game do you choose and why do you choose that game?

I choose the Peg and Monster one because it is fun and quick.

I choose Find the Answers because it is fun.

I choose the1000 game because a friend helps me with it.

I choose Monster because it is fun and easy.

I choose Number patterns with the flips because it is fun and easy to play.

We were really pleased to hear this thinking......

I choose Add numbers to 5 because it will help me with my counting and my adding.

I choose Two dice - Count On and Backwards because it helps me because I am not good at counting backwards.

because next week we are introducing a new solo rubric to the children that will help them develop this type of thinking.

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  1. Very cool to look at this - it would be interesting to track this over their lives as well - being a real routine person I identify with those who do the same thing first every day!