El Gregoe

Today El Gregoe came to see us.

El Gregoe told us that even though we are all different like the rope he showed us we all need to be treated the same.

We saw a floating table. This was an illusion.

We met lots of new friends. There were lots of birds that visited us.

Nico talked to us about using our W.I.T.S

Walk away
Ignore - ignore people who are not being nice.
Talk - talk to someone if you need help.
Stop - say stop I don't like it to people.

He saw a song about getting along with each other.

El Gregoe drew a picture on a whitebaord that started talking! He taught a lesson a bout a little red dwarf who gets nasty. He was talking about our tongue and if it nasty we need to keep our mouth closed.

We learnt about these values to have a great day at school everyday.

Sue got in the box for the final illusion and seemed to disappear!  Then she came back. It was amazing.

During the show the bucket kept filling with water. We need to keep caring and give help to others.

He pulled a big pole out of a bag.

We have an amazing time and we were very excited.

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