Term 3, week 1-2 Values Lesson focus: THE PLAYGROUND!

In Room 21 we show our C.A.R.E values in the playground!


Get involved and take turns. - Try and join in a game, ask first.

Share and use equipment fairly. - Take equipment out and share with other.IMG_2197.JPG

2016-02-29 09.49.24.jpg

Active Thinking

Agree on game rules and play fairly.
Be a caring friend. - Being nice, invite people to join in your games.

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Return gear to appropriate place.

Use appropriate language. Use nice words.

Hands and feet to yourself.

Listen to/ speak to duty teachers with respect.

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Try your best. - Resilience, persevere, try till it works.

Play safely - play in the right areas, tag from the shoulder to the waist.

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